Transformational Processing

Transformational Processing is a system of tools for facilitating personal change. It contains methods of inviting another person to change his or her personal reality in a more optimum direction.

These are some introductory materials that will give you an idea what this is about:

Typically one would go and see a Process Facilitator for personal sessions.

The materials on the remainder of this page are mostly directed at people who either want to be Process Facilitators, or who already are practicing therapists of some sort, and who wish to learn new techniques.

Flemming Funch has written two training manuals covering most of what he knows about transformational processing. You can access them in full in HTML format here:

* Transformational Dialogues (150)
* Transformational Paths (140)

You can also pick up the files for the two manuals in either Mac or Windows Word format here:

If you prefer, you can access the manuals in Acrobat PDF format. If your WWW reader is configured for reading Acrobat files, you can access these:

These files include the original graphics and formatting, and should largely print out as intended, with a few exceptions that print out in only 72dpi.

If you don't have an Acrobat reader or plugin, you can pick it up here:

These materials have also been translated into Russian and are available here or here, and those have additionally been published in hardcover books.

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