Instant Messenger Information

Yes, indeed, it is possible to do a session over online text messaging. Some people actually prefer it that way.

It requires, of course, that you're comfortable with typing, without having to use too much of your brain capacity at looking for letters. And it requires that you have a program on your computer that you can connect with a chat service with. If you don't, you can easily download one.

The preferred instant messenger programs are:

ICQ - it can keep a history of the chat, and one can leave messages even when the other party is not online.
My ICQ number is 4429165

AIM - AOL Instant Messenger. Or if you're on a Mac, you probably already have iChat.
My AIM ID is ffunch

They're preferred in part because I have them on all the time when I'm in front of a computer, so you're more likely to get hold of me. But if you're most comfortable with another IM program, and we've made the appointment over e-mail, we can also use any of these programs:

Yahoo Messenger - my ID: ffunch

MSN Messenger - my ID:

Jabber - my ID:

All of them are free for download, for Windows or Mac, and you can access them with alternative programs on other platforms.

If you happen to know how to use IRC, or you use Mozilla, IRC is possible too, and we can use a private server.